'Resophonic Retrospective'... is a compilation of two previous projects: 1984's 'Fireball' and 1992's 'Route 2 To Amherst'.It is a ouble-length CD with 21 tracks reflecting the trajectory of Roger Williams' lengthy career. This all-instrumental recording features classic bluegrass tunes such as “Fireball”, “Roanoke”, and “Fire On The Mountain”; classic country tunes including “Bouquet Of Roses”, “Crazy”, and “No One Now”. There are also a number of original tunes including the contemplative “Czech Inn”, the bouncy “Pickin’ In Holland” (also recorded by Leroy Mack of Kentucky Colonels fame), and the rollicking “Route 2 To Amherst". Roger started playing the resophonic, Dobro style guitar in 1963, when he was just a young teenager. Within the first year, he had already debuted with The Lilly Brothers & Don Stover at the Hillbilly Ranch in Boston, Mass. where they had performed for nearly two decades. Since then he has gone on to perform and/or record with many well respected Bluegrass and folk acts on the national and international circuit.

Guest musicians include:

Ray Legere - mandolin, guitar, fiddle, upright bass
Dave Dick - banjo, guitar, mandolin
Frank Doody - banjo
Herman McGee - guitar
Jim Muller - guitar

Sharon Horovitch - upright bass
Bob Goddu - banjo

Track listings:
1 Fireball
2 Bus Bounce
3 Bouquet of Roses
4 Route 2 to Amherst
5 Water Is Wide
6 Roanoke
7 Jonathan's Lullaby
8 Hard Times, Over Easy
9 No One Now
10 Fire On The Mountain
11 Pickin' in Holland
12 Waltz Before the Snow
13 Arkansas Traveler
14 Sledd Ride
15 Maggie Blues
16 Essex County
17 No One Will Ever Know
18 Durham's Bull
19 Crazy
20 Huckleberry Hornpipe
21 Czech Inn

Listen to samples here

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